Trick Decks: How to Hack Playing Cards for Extraordinary Magic

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    Trick Decks - How To Hack Playing Cards For Astounding Magic
    by Mark Frauenfelder
    English | 164 pages | PDF | 7.61 MB

    Trick Decks will show you how to easily make different kinds of trick card decks to perform stunning magic tricks. You can make the decks from ordinary playing cards and easy-to-find tools and materials. No special skills are required and these cards are fun to make.

    In this book you will learn

    - The best way to mark cards
    - How to make a stripper deck that lets you pull selected cards from the middle of the deck
    - Two ways to make one of the greatest trick decks of all time: The Invisible Deck
    - How to make the Brainwave Deck: A spectator's thought-of card is the only one face up in the deck and with a different colored back than the other cards
    - Nightmare Card: A card chosen by the spectator vanishes and reappears in your pocket

    My 12-year-old daughter and I have been using these hand-made decks to delight friends and strangers. Best of all, no one has ever guessed the secret to these tricks!