The New Curry Secret: Mouthwatering Indian Restaurant Dishes to Cook at Home

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    The New Curry Secret - Mouthwatering Indian Restaurant Dishes To Cook At Home
    by Kris Dhillon
    English | 264 pages | EPUB | 2.69 MB

    Kris Dhillon's first book, The Curry Secret, revealed the secret of the basic curry sauce used by Indian restaurant chefs. Since that book's first publication, there has been an increase in the variety of new and vibrant Indian dishes served in restaurants. Now her second book, The New Curry Secret, shows how to create these wonderful new dishes easily and expertly. The mouthwatering recipes include Chicken Chettinad, Lamb Kalia, Balti Subzi, Beef Badami, Fish Ambotik, Malabar Prawn Biryani, to name just a few.

    The New Curry Secret also includes a new recipe for the curry sauce - which smells great even in the making! Plus labour-saving ideas and tips to make cooking your favourite Indian restaurant food at home even easier.