Glassix V0.30

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    Censorship: None
    Version: 0.30
    Developer/Publisher: Gaweb Studio Patreon / Official Wiki
    Platform: Windows
    Language: English, French, Russian, Polish, Chinese
    File Size:2.93 GB
    Genre: Hypnosis/mind control, handjob, vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, humiliation, slave, voyeur, exhibitionism, incest, milf, urination, sleep sex, bdsm

    About game:
    It's a trainer game as well where you play as a teenager who lives with his step-mom and sister/step-sister and just moved to a new town after your father passes away. One day on your way to school, you hear your father and find these glasses that make people more influenced by your suggestions and you can use it to slowly corrupt the women around you. There are Cheats as well. The developer made it where you can increase the girls obedience/affection levels by left clicking on the stat you wish to add more too on the stat page for each girl individually.



    Download Patch: