Domino Island - Desmond Bagley [ebook]

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    Domino Island - Desmond Bagley [EN EPUB] [ebook] [Domino Island]
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    Domino Island | English

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    Title: Domino Island
    Author: Bagley, Desmond
    Language: English

    Description: Discovered after more than 40 years, a vintage action-adventure novel set on Domino Island - a Caribbean paradise toppling under murder, corruption and organised crime... 'Like a dream come true - an undiscovered Desmond Bagley novel ... and it's a great one!' LEE CHILD Bill Kemp, an ex-serviceman working in London as an insurance investigator, is sent to the Caribbean to verify a life insurance claim that will make property magnate David Salton's young widow a very rich lady. As Kemp begins to discover that Salton's political ambitions had made him a lot of enemies, and that his friends are reluctant to reveal themselves, local tensions around the forthcoming elections spill over into protest and violence on the streets - and murder. Is this all a deliberate smokescreen for an altogether more ambitious plot? And who is the enemy in their midst? As events begin to spiral out of Kemp's control, even his army training seems feeble in the face of such a determined foe. Discovered...



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