Before He Envies - Blake Pierce [ebook]

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    Before He Envies - Blake Pierce [EN EPUB] [ebook] [Mackenzie White 12-Before He Envies]
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    Mackenzie White 12-Before He Envies | English

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    Title: Mackenzie White 12-Before He Envies
    Author: Blake, Pierce,
    Language: English

    Description: When two rock climbers turn up dead, each killed in the same disturbing way, FBI Special Agent Mackenzie White, mother of a newborn baby, must face her fear of heights as she is summoned to catch a serial killer before he strikes again.
    Mackenzie, settling into motherhood, wants to take some time off. But it is not meant to be. Rock climbers are turning up dead in Colorado, hunted by an elusive serial killer, caught at their most prone moments. A disturbing pattern emerges, and Mackenzie soon realizes she is up against a monster.And that the only way to catch him will be to enter his diabolical mind.
    Feeling the effects of post partum and not ready to return to her job, Mackenzie finds herself ill prepared for the hunt of her life.



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